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B2B Payments Made Simple

We enable businesses across Africa to simplify their payment flows.

Automate your payment inflow, reconcile at scale and create a streamlined experience for your business customers.

Automate and effectively reconcile your inflows and outflows
Add  payments functionalities into your products/services
No code solutions to enable your customers trade better with you

Some of the things you can do with Duplo

Businesses are able to perform all their payment operation needs on Duplo and also offer financial services to their customers.


Chain management

Issue virtual accounts to unique locations/branches, easily move money around and get greater performance insights.


Collect payments

Seamlessly collect and recognize incoming payments with virtual accounts, notifications, and detailed reporting.


Automate mass payouts

Automate payouts at scale to any bank account you want.


Provide financial services to your business customers.

Create unlimited digital wallets in less than 5-minutes that can hold balances, receive and send payments instantly.

Built To Power Your Company’s Growth.

Duplo’s Platform is adaptable to work for any business type.


Protect your business from theft due to heavy reliance on cash transactions by using Duplo’s virtual accounts to receive payments quicker.
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B2B Marketplaces

Better your customers’ interactions with your business and increase their lifetime value by offering a more efficient way to make payments.
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Use Duplo to manage the flow of money across your various locations/branches.
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Full visibility and control

Track payments from initiation, approval to completion and make financial decisions in real time.

Increased brand loyalty

Thanks to Duplo’s faster and more enjoyable payment platform, your business customers remember a smooth and secure payments experience.

Better margins for your business

We enable businesses like yours to bypass expensive and archaic payments associated costs, giving you more profits and a competitive edge.

Fraud and error protection

Reduced human errors during reconciliation and reporting.

Extensive reporting and analytics

Get a bird's-eye view of your business cash flow strength and make financial decisions quickly.

Accurate attribution

Our virtual accounts product makes it easy to create and manage unique sub-accounts within your bank account to automate attribution of incoming payments.

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