30th Nov, 2022

Announcing Duplo’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics

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We are excited to announce that Duplo has integrated with Microsoft Dynamics (D365)!  This new integration will help businesses collect and make payments in a way that aids faster reconciliation. 

Why Microsoft Dynamics D365?

Earlier this year, we ran a survey on the use of ERPs by organisations in Nigeria, and here’s what we found. ​​Over 50% of the respondents answered that they use Microsoft Dynamics. 

So what makes D365 unique?

In the last six years since D365 was launched, Microsoft has helped over 15,000 businesses with operational efficiency and customer experiences enabling them to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs.

  • Easy to use with simplified accounting
  • Financial process automation to save time and reduce errors
  • Integrates with Microsoft Products
  • Built-In analytics to aid easier reporting
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be customised to suit business needs 
  • Scalable-grows with the organisation
  • Suitable for global operations 
  • Role-based workflows and security

How does Duplo + D365 work?

As a registered merchant on Duplo, you are easily onboarded on D365 just by inputting your Duplo credentials.

Every Invoice created on D365 automatically comes with a 10-digit, single-use virtual account number.

When payment is made to a virtual account, a payment receipt is automatically posted to Dynamics. 

How can this integration benefit your business?

Similar to the Paypal connector with D365, our payment connector allows users to easily generate bank account numbers that help businesses receive faster payments and automatically reconcile their invoices.  

  1. Effortlessly link and automate account receivables and payables.
  2. Save hours of reconciliation work. 
  3. Leverage our digital tools to speed up accounting processes significantly.
  4. Stay in control with real-time payment notifications
  5. Eliminate the need for custom connectors at each merchant level, thereby saving costs.

Microsoft Dynamics integration is available for all Duplo customers with complete documentation.

If you’re not yet a Duplo customer, request a demo to learn about the integration that’s helping modern businesses simplify how they transact with clients and partners.

For more information about syncing your payments with D365, check out this guide.

Angela Obilom
Content Marketer

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