8th December, 2022

Introducing an Easier Way to Pay Multiple Recipients at once

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When the end of the month approaches, Frank goes into a frenzy. While most colleagues and working professionals are excited about receiving their remunerations, Frank’s workload peaks. As a finance manager in a logistics company specialising in the distribution of consumer goods, it’s Frank's job to ensure everyone gets paid. Everyone including the not-so-tech-savvy drivers and partners. 

Frank is one of many managers who need simplified ways to pay multiple vendors, suppliers, or partners. To meet up with the growing demands of ongoing business expansion, payment methods must evolve.

Introducing Bulk and Scheduled Payouts by Duplo.

With Bulk Payouts, Frank can disburse funds to all business interests at once. He has solved this one time-consuming issue, now he can stop dreading month ends and other peak periods. 

Frank can plan these payments ahead with Scheduled Payouts to make it even better. All he needs to do is set up the transaction with all the necessary parameters and choose the timeline he wants the payments to go out, and voila! He's done for the week or month. 

How it works

Frequently asked questions on Bulk & Scheduled Payouts

What is Bulk Payout by Duplo?

Bulk Payouts is a digital payment method that allows organizations to disburse payments to 50 recipients at once, regardless of their bank. By accelerating the payment process, businesses can save time, money, and resources.

Which banks can I pay with this payout?

Bulk and Schedule Payouts can be made to all Nigerian bank accounts (NUBAN).

How many recipients can I pay at once?

Payouts can be made to up to 50 recipients in one batch.

Can I upload my own list of recipients anytime?

Yes. Using the template provided on the Bulk Payouts page on your Duplo Dashboard, you can upload a list of up to 50 recipients.

Can I schedule bulk payments as well?

Yes. Both single and bulk payouts can be scheduled.

Is there a provision for reporting?

Yes. Our customers use the report from their Duplo Account as a reliable means of reporting transactions made or received. 

Get started 

Login to your Duplo Account to try out the Bulk & Scheduled Payouts feature. Read full guide here.

Got questions or feedback? If you’re looking to simplify how your team executes multiple payments like Frank, reach out to us. You can book a product demo or send an email to

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