29th of November, 2023

November Product Update:

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Bringing you our latest product updates from November to simplify your financial operations even further. Our new features provide you with more flexibility as well as make it easier for you to reach us.  

Live chat on Connect

With our Connect platform, customers can purchase goods via Buy-Now-Pay-Later from their merchant’s online store. With this new enhancement, customers will be able to reach out to us in real-time for inquiries and support directly on the platform.

More flexibility on Bulk payout

You can now add a description for each of your transactions while making bulk payouts. You can also decide to include names and emails for your beneficiaries, however, this is not compulsory. To learn more about Bulk payouts please click here.

Role and Permission view

Your team members can now view the functions assigned to them on the dashboard. This applies to both pre-defined and custom roles. To learn more about inviting your team members, click here

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Duplo's Product Team

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