9th November, 2022

Pros and Cons of major FMCG Products Categories

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Fast-moving consumer goods consist of products people use for everyday life. They can be broadly grouped into three categories namely: Household care, Personal care, and Food and beverages.

These categories vary in how they perform in FMCG distribution business. They do differently in different regions of the country and at different times. 

In this article, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of these categories of FMCG products as far as Nigeria is concerned. 

These pros and cons will be addressed using the factors below:

Factors affecting the performance of FMCG Products

Availability: This talks about the quantity of the product that is in circulation.

Perishability: What is the shelf life of the product?

Demand and Consumer Preference: Do consumers ask for the product often and is it their top preference? 

Brand Marketing: Is it a product that the producers put marketing effort into?

Pricing: Is it a good value for money?

Now, let’s look into the three FMCG product categories mentioned earlier and how these factors affect their performance.

Household Care 


  • Long shelf life
  • High demand for quality brands.


  • Low barrier for new entrants.
  • Local production abounds hence low-cost alternatives.

Personal care


  • High demand
  • Low perishability
  • Most top brands are always marketing


  • Changes in price Breaks in the consumption cycle 
  • It’s hard to change consumer preferences 
  • Fewer producers hence out-of-stock issues often arise

Food and beverages


  • Food is a necessity hence demand is always high
  • Most local FMCG producers and even importers are in this category


  • The most perishable category with the least shelf life.

It's also worth noting that these categories perform differently in different locations and at different times of the year. 

Angela Obilom
Content Marketer

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