31st October, 2022

Top 20 FMCG Companies in Nigeria

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Angela Obilom
Product Marketing Manager

The FMCG sector is a vital contributor to Nigeria’s GDP, being the fourth largest sector in the economy it creates employment for more than three million people. 

The consumer goods (FMCG) industry in Nigeria is growing at a rapid rate. During the first half of 2022, Nigeria's leading consumer goods companies earned a total of N504.7196 billion, exceeding their earnings of N126.08 billion in 2021. Dangote Sugar Plc, Nascon Plc, Unilever Plc, Nestle Plc, and Cadbury Nigeria Plc make up the top 5.

A comparison of the half-year financial statements of these companies and research shows that their revenue increased by 33.3% from half-year 2021 to half-year 2022.1

As one of the most flourishing sectors in Nigeria, the consumer goods industry in the country boasts a good number of companies that produce various types of products. The various consumer goods companies in Nigeria have been broadly grouped into three categories namely: 

  • Household care 
  • Personal care
  • Food and beverages

Nigeria is Africa's biggest producer of consumer goods with more than 100 listed companies. Selecting the top names from this list wasn’t easy. Using the criteria below, we narrowed it down to the final twenty.

  • Revenue
  • Product Range
  • Cross-country Penetration
  • The popularity of product ranges

If you are looking for some of the best in this industry, these are the top 20 FMCG companies in Nigeria.

  1. Dangote Group
  2. Unilever Plc
  3. Nestle Plc
  4. Cadbury
  5. PZ Group
  6. Procter & Gamble Limited
  7. FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria Plc
  8. Coca-Cola HBC Nigeria Limited
  9. Reckitt Benckiser
  10. Chi Limited 
  11. Dufil Prima Foods 
  12. Seven-Up Bottling Company
  13. Flour Mills
  14. Promasidor Nigeria Limited
  15. Guinness Nigeria Plc
  16. Nigerian Breweries Plc
  17. CWAY Food and Beverages Nigeria Company Limited
  18. Rites Foods Ltd
  19. Sumal Foods 
  20. UAC Group

Every month, new companies spring up and existing ones release new products. Each has its own list of products but how do you know which ones are the best for your distribution business? What stands them out among consumers? 

One word - Research! Take time to research each company thoroughly and understand how their products perform in your area.

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Duplo’s payment systems allow FMCG distributors to receive and make payments with their retailers & downstream agents. It’s an all-in-one platform especially built for commerce that allows for easy tracking and reconciliation of all transactions. Speak with our team to get started.


1Nigeria’s leading FMCGs grow revenue to N504.719bn in H1 2022

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