Here’s how Green Transport is Reducing Logistical and Operational Delays with Duplo

About Green Transport and Logistics

Green Transport Logistics is a pioneering transport and logistics company in Nigeria that is passionately committed to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. They are revolutionizing the industry by minimizing pollution and CO2 emissions while delivering reliable and streamlined logistics solutions to their clients. They currently operate from Lagos, Nigeria.

The Challenges

Green Transport faced significant challenges with slow and manual payment flows. They often experienced operational delays that resulted from manual payment systems. They also found their approval workflow very time-consuming within their team.

In the past, they managed approval within the team in this way:

  1.  Invoices were sent via email or WhatsApp from external service providers
  2. Transactions were initiated after the management provided approval for every transaction

This workflow prevented Green Transport from completing crucial transactions in time,  impacting their logistical operations.

With Duplo, they discovered a more simplified and time-efficient solution.

The Solution

How does it work?

  1. Each team member responsible for payments is given specific access based on their payment thresholds
  2. Management is notified about approval requests and payouts made on the Duplo dashboard via email
  3. Payouts are seamlessly completed according to the approval policies that have been set on Duplo

The Results

More efficient transaction timeline

Green transport staff can now easily complete payments within their payment threshold using Duplo’s approval workflows

Reduced logistical and operational issues

They experience fewer logistical and operational issues stemming from slow transactions and manual approval workflows and can complete their payments within a quicker, more efficient timeline.

Improved financial visibility

The dashboard has enabled more financial visibility within the Green Transport team through automated reconciliation and making all their payouts easily trackable on one platform.

What’s next for Green Transport?

Green Transport is moving to deploy more of Duplo’s solutions to simplify further and streamline its financial operations. This way, their vision of minimizing pollution and CO2 emissions, while delivering reliable and streamlined logistics solutions can be achieved even more seamlessly.

Do you want to limit operational and logistical delays like Green Transport? Start simplifying your business finances with Duplo today.


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