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... to power commerce across the continent. Our goal is to make it continuously easier for businesses to transact with each other.Duplo is a business-to-business (b2b) payments platform that makes it easier for African businesses to pay each other by providing digital tools that enable a more efficient, cost-effective, and transparent process of making and receiving payments. With Duplo, businesses of all sizes can seamlessly generate and process invoices, offer customers a more efficient payment experience, and position themselves for consistent growth by improving their payment flows.

We are a leading provider of a digital B2B payment platform that simplifies, digitises, and automates complex back-office financial operations for businesses. By transforming how businesses manage their cash inflows and outflows, we reduce bottlenecks and free our customers to focus on their businesses. Join us!

Yele Oyekola
CEO & Co founder
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Duplo has brought a much desired relief to the challenge of daily cash reconciliation and the risks associated with carrying cash. Before Duplo we struggled to manage our collection processes and depended on sales reps heavily. But Duplo has made our operations much easier. 

Chidinma Chude



Sign up was fast, set up was easy, and no coding experience was needed. I use Duplo to create wallet accounts for all my sales reps, wholesalers, and retailers. The payout is also instant as well which we like.

Saburi Salako



Duplo makes running our business more convenient, we use it as a complement to our ERP solution. We can track our collections and also make instant payments out to our suppliers and we get instant notifications. 

Kenny Okunsanya

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