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A more reliable way to receive Business Payments

Never miss a payment. Give your clients and partners multiple ways to pay you. Track every payment and reconcile faster with Duplo. Simpler payment tracking and reconciliation.

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Why should you use Duplo to receive payments?

One Control Centre

Easily track and monitor payments from every business customer on your Duplo dashboard. See who paid what & when.

Accept business payments online & offline

Assign unique account numbers to each client or a group of customers so you know who paid what and when.

Quick & Easy Bookkeeping

Eliminate the stressful process of manually identifying and reconciling payments.

Stay Up-to-date with all Inflows

Duplo’s Smart Invoice keeps you informed  on the status of each incoming payment and automatically reconciles inflows.

Automatic Reconciliation

Say goodbye to collating unending receipts and tellers. Improve efficiency in your accounting processes.

Accounting Software Sync

Quickbooks or Microsoft Dynamics? Enjoy seamless integration to your current ERP or Accounting tool.

Customer Support

Our dedicated team of support staff are always available to assist you with all inquiries and feedback.

Referral & Rewards

Earn rewards when you refer other businesses in your network to Duplo!

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