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Approve, pay and sync local and international bills.

Say goodbye to double payments. With Duplo, you can have full control over the financial operation of your business.
Track every payment and reconcile faster.

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Paying With Duplo Means You Can

Maintain full oversight of business financials
Easily track and monitor financial operations from your Duplo dashboard.
Plan payouts ahead and pay multiple recipients at once
With Duplo Bulk Payouts, you can issue mass transfers at a go to all your vendors and plan payments ahead using Scheduled Payouts.
Make Local & International Payments
Alongside local payments, you have access to cross-border payments at good rates. Pay suppliers or make remittances to partners overseas with ease.
Reconcile faster and keeps the books in order
Eliminate the stressful processof manually identifying andreconciling payments. Duplo helps you reconcile faster.
ERP sync is also available. 


Invite Team Members to Duplo and assign roles based on internal policies. Create approval rules, and ensure that all approvals follow a specific order. Maintain compliance with your internal policies and optimise your workflows.

Bills Sync

Your ERP or Accounting Package and Duplo can communicate directly with each other through easy integration. This means that you can make payments on Duplo and have it instantly synced with your in-house software. Invoices raised on your package can be paid on Duplo through a direct sync as well.

International &
local payments

In addition to local payments to any licensed Nigerian bank, you have access to cross-border remittances at good rates. Pay in Naira and your suppliers or partners will receive the equivalent in any currency they accept. Duplo International Payments is available in 70+ currencies.

Management Tool

Similar to adding beneficiaries, you can add constant recipients either through a single add or by uploading multiple users. You can add or remove recipients at any time. See the volume of transactions with each recipient in one view. Payouts have never been this easy!

Scheduled Payments

Never miss vital payments! Set up budgetary expenditures to go out automatically by your preferred timelines. For one-time or recurring bills and expenses.

Fully Automated
Mass Payouts

Execute disbursements on a larger scale with Duplo’s Bulk Payouts. Just add new Recipients, one at a time, or through bulk uploads.

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