Flexible payments for suppliers and retailers.

Duplo is powering growth for suppliers and their retailers through the B2B Checkout Solution. B2B Marketplaces can also include Duplo Checkout to offer their buyers regular checkout or BNPL. When a supplier issues an invoice to their retailers via Duplo, the retailer can Pay with Transfer or opt for Duplo BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later). 

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Why should you use Duplo Checkout

For B2B E-Commerce Platforms

Higher average
cart value
Increase in sales
Increase in
customer loyalty
Higher conversion
High digital
payment drive

For Suppliers

Electronic invoice
Higher retailer
Increase in
inventory sales
Instant Payment
& settlements
made easy

Checkout Solution

An all-in-one payment service between a supplier and its network of retailers/buyers. The checkout solution has Buy-Now-Pay-Later and Pay By Transfer payment types.

Pay with Transfer

At the point of checkout, your retailers/buyers can opt to make a transfer to your generated Duplo account from any banking payment channels and get instant payment notification

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Buy Now Pay Later

As a B2B  e-commerce platform or supplier, your buyer/retailer can order goods and enjoy later payment while we instantly pay you. 

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Why Duplo BNPL for your retailers/buyers?

No collateral needed
Flexible repayment rates
Access to unbeatable credit limits
Multiple uses of assigned credit limit

How it works

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