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Automate all aspects of billing, collections, payments, reporting, and forecasting – within a single platform.

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A more reliable way to manage receivables

Make it easier for your customers to pay you
Let your customers choose how they want to pay you- by transfer, card, or USSD
Reconcile business payments
without friction
Assign unique account
numbers to each client or a
group of customers so you
know who paid what and
Simplify your bookkeeping process
Eliminate the stressful process of manually identifying and reconciling payments. Duplo automatically updates the status of all receivables in real time
Create and send professional invoices
Customize your invoices and send them to your customers directly from your Duplo platform

Make invoicing a breeze

Receive payments when due with our smart invoicing tool. Send tailored invoices, complete with built-in payment options. Reminders are automatically sent on your behalf, and payments are reconciled in real-time

Simplify how you collect payments

Create a single or multi-use virtual account for every customer you collect payments from. Filter your payments by virtual account number for a quick overview of your receivables

Enjoy automatic reconciliation

Automatically sync all invoices and customers with your accounting software. All inflows are updated in real-time on your Duplo dashboard and your accounting software

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