Manage one-time or recurring payouts with ease

Never miss a payment! Increase suppliers' confidence in you as a business partner so you can negotiate better deals. Batch-pay multiple vendors at once and avoid late-payment charges.

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Duplo’s Pay Products

Recipients Management Tool

Spend less time managing payment processes. Instantly add vendors and suppliers to an unlimited list of beneficiaries. Choose from this list whenever payments arise.

Scheduled Payments

Never miss vital payments! Set up budgetary expenditures to go out automatically by your preferred timelines. For one-time or recurring bills and expenses.

Fully Automated Mass Payouts

Execute disbursements on a larger scale with easy-to-use Duplo’s Mass Payouts. Just add new recipients or pay existing ones.
Paying with Duplo means you can:

Plan and execute payouts ahead of time

Transform your business with timely vendor payments. Automate payments to suppliers on set dates.

Pay up to 1000 recipients in one batch

Simultaneously disburse funds to multiple recipients. Accelerate payment processing to save time, money, and resources.

Auto-Reconcile all expenses

Maintain an excellent view of your financial position. Every transaction automatically generates and syncs payment receipts to ensure all account balances agree.

Sync existing ERPs for all Payables

Duplo Pay seamlessly connects your team’s current ERP/accounting package to sync all payables.

How It works

1. Create Recipients

2. Select recipients for a New Payout

3. Recipients instantly get paid

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